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Discover the smarter solution for managing your water, power and people from the cloud.

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Control, Monitor and Manage all of Your Parks From The Cloud

With SmartPark Control you have the Ultimate Management Platform to Streamline Operations, Save Time and Reduce Costs.

We developed a holistic approach to managing the water, power and people involved with active and passive parks for local government - this new technology is saving our clients tens of thousands of dollars every year, and can do the same for your council too!

Henk de Graaf
Founder of SmartPark Control

Here is just a preview of some of the things that could be connected to your SmartPark Control App:

Incredibly Powerful & Intuitive

SmartPark Control has been designed from day one to make everything run smoother and faster, without the need for lots of training to get your team on board.

You can share data and access with the different people and departments within the council - from accounts to sports and recreation, the finance team and even your contractors - everyone is included in the one system.

This gives you greater accuracy, faster communication and better productivity.

Listen to Grant Voss from the Town of Port Hedland explain how SmartPark Control blends seamlessly with operations across multiple council departments. 


What Does Your Council Need Smarter Control of?

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