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Irrigation Control

SmartPark Irrigation Control

Designed to be the most user friendly controller on the market, this equipment does away with the common 2 line display and provides a full colour touchscreen to the operator.

From here easy access is provided to all the functions you may need in a park. From the selection of two different water supplies (e.g. fresh water and RE water) to the speed control of pumps, BBQ control and path lighting it is all part of the standard.

Whether you use multi-wire control or two-wire control, SmartPark Irrigation Control allows you to control up to 100 stations, freely selectable in up to 100 groups.

Add in the display of tank levels, bore levels and a multitude of sensors, all designed to provide you with a complete picture of your irrigation system.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has found its way into the controller as well with every function available on PC’s, tablets and smart phones via 3G and4G communication and Wifi access.

This also means that you will always stay abreast of the condition of your system through the provision of text messages and email.

And best of all, Smart Controllers use open protocol communication (Modbus) so that you can connect a multitude of other devices and software.

Data logging functions provides you with graphical displays of historical data such as tank levels, pressure and flow. The flow and pressure readings are even recorded against every individual station.

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 SmartPark Standpipe Control

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BBQ Control

SmartPark BBQ Control

Many passive recreation areas are equipped with BBQs, sometimes gas powered but in many cases electrically operated. And even though BBQ timers are there to switch off the heaters after 20 minutes or so, if the start button remains in, the power stays on.

In order to eliminate this type of problems caused due to an electrical fault or vandalism, the BBQ control function of the Smart Controller switches the BBQ off when the normal operating time is exceeded without interruption.


Smartpark BBQ Control is an add-on function of Smart Irrigation Control​



In addition, the controller provides the following functions:

  • ​Programmable operational window of the BBQs (say 6 am to 9 pm)
  • Detecting when a BBQ uses less power than normal indicating that one of the elements is faulty.
  • Detecting the usage pattern of a BBQ so that decisions can be made to potentially relocate the BBQ to a higher use area.

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Pump Control

The majority of commercial irrigation control system rely on the use of a pump to provide the necessary pressure to the sprinklers which means that a control panel and/or switchboard is required to provide the switchgear and power distribution.

The bigger the system (i.e. more pumps and more stations), the bigger the electrical component will be required.

Waterman Irrigation has been building control panels and switchboards for many years which allow full integration of the control system with the required power electrics.

Specially designed Smart Control switchboards even allow the inclusion of electricity meters from the local power supply authority while the physical separation of low voltage and extra low voltage provide parks and garden staff with safe access to the irrigation controller.

Fully integrated Variable Speed Drive (VSD) control inside each Smart Irrigation Controller reduces the cost associated with the purchase of pump start equipment. Even the use of multiple pumps can be achieved without the need for additional software or hardware.

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 SmartPark Pump Control

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Water Storage Tanks

SmartPark Water Storage Tanks

Irrigation water isn’t always available in the correct pressure or quantity. In these instances tanks are installed to provide sufficient water for an irrigation cycle.

There are also locations where recycled effluent (RE) water is used which require local tanks to be installed.

In all these instances correct control of tank levels to ensure that there is:

  • Enough water in the tank to complete the cycle
  • Tank filling starts in time to meet the required level
  • Interlock low levels with the irrigation pumps to prevent pumps running dry
  • Provide RE water suppliers with details of the tank levels so that they can match that with their supplies

Standard communication protocols allow Water Treatment plant SCADA systems to link in with the various tank levels and as such provide an integrated system between supplier and end user.

Smartpark Water Tank Control is ad add-on function of Smart Irrigation Controller. Where an alternative water source is available, the alarms can switch over automatically to the second water source using the Smart Irrigation Controller.


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 SmartPark Water Tank Control

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Water Quality Testing

Water Quality Testing

Water Quality Testing facility in the Smart Irrigation Controller provides full automatic sampling for the measurement of Chlorine content in the water.

When using recycled effluent (RE) as a water source for irrigation purposes, it is important to ensure that the water falls within health department guidelines.


Within the Water Quality Testing device, measurement is also taken of the alkalinity or acidity of the water through testing of the pH level. The temperature of the water is also recorded at this stage.

Water Quality Testing is an add-on function of Smart Irrigation Controller. All data is stored in the Smart Irrigation Controller and can be provided in excel format to provide comparative historical information.


Interlocks can be provided to prevent irrigation when the chlorine level falls below an acceptable limit and/or send an alarm message.

Where an alternative water source is available, the low chlorine alarm can switch over automatically to the second water source using the Smart Irrigation Controller.

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 SmartPark Chlorine Control

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Dosing Control

SmartPark Dosing Control

The time has come to be more frugal with water use and dosing of wetting agents can be just the solution. 

SmartPark Dosing Control provides fully flexible injection of wetting agents and fertiliser.

Not just as part of the full irrigation period but with adjustable pre-wetting periods and watering in periods after the dosing.


The speed control of the dosing pump allows for large fluctuations in the dosing rate while being able to calculate the amount of wetting agent or fertiliser used.

Low level indication on the injection liquid even provides alarm text messages and low level interlocks.

Now also available as Smart Cube which is a complete system with 100 litres of dosing liquid within the same cubicle,  all the functions of Smart Irrigation Controller and all the functions of SmartPark Dosing Control


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 SmartPark Dosing Control


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Algae Control

Static bodies of water are prone to alga infestation which can have a major impact on the management of filters if this water is used for irrigation. At the same time if this lake is purely for aesthetic reason, a green lake is not very inviting.


Algae can be controlled using ultrasonic sound waves which, over time, damage the vacuole inside the alga and causing it to die.

The vacuole, in algal blooms plays a role in phagocytosis (cellular digestion), disposing of cellular waste and regulating osmotic (water) pressure within the cell, maintaining its structural integrity.

The SmartPark Algae Controller ruptures the tonoplast (thin membrane) which protects the vacuole, this results in the alga cell no longer being able to:

  1. Regulate Osmotic (water) pressure
  2. Dispose of wastes and toxins
  3. Grow and obtain nutrients

Depending on the type of alga, this then floats to the top or drops to the bottom from where it can be cleared.

Effectively, once the vacuole has been destroyed, the algae are killed and your lake is clear and will stay clear as long as the unit remains powered on.

Operational from either DC or AC voltage means that the controller can work with mains power or via solar power.

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Facility Management & Access Control

SmartPark Facility Management & Access Control


Smartpark Facility Management & Access Control is an add-on function of Smartpark Control. It has similar functions of Smart Floodlight Controller


Administration of active reserves, parks, sports facilities and recreation facilities requires a dedicated team of personnel to ensure that each and every facility and sporting club is properly supported


Smartpark Facility Management & Access Control  makes the administration easier by providing smart access to council and local government assets such as club buildings, sports & recreation centres. This includes the allocation of ground use and where applicable to control of the floodlights. Even the access to club rooms can be part of this. 


With the use of RFID technology and associated software, the Smartpark Facility Management & Access Control System allows you to control access and properly allocate usage expenses to the various clubs. 


The result is that a council can hire out a facility for a night and don’t have to worry about further access once the card access has been disabled. A simple deposit bond will ensure that the card is returned. 


And for those of you that have been chasing up sporting clubs forever to get them to pay for the usage of the facilities, the pre-paid option has the capacity to make your life a whole lot easier


The wireless communication capacity of the controller can also be used for the addition of video monitoring and the control of lights and power inside the building


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 SmartPark Facility Management & Access Control


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