BBQ Control

SmartPark BBQ Control

Many passive recreation areas are equipped with BBQs, sometimes gas powered but in many cases electrically operated. And even though BBQ timers are there to switch off the heaters after 20 minutes or so, if the start button remains in, the power stays on.

In order to eliminate this type of problems caused due to an electrical fault or vandalism, the BBQ control function of the Smart Controller switches the BBQ off when the normal operating time is exceeded without interruption.


Smartpark BBQ Control is an add-on function of Smart Irrigation Control​



In addition, the controller provides the following functions:

  • ​Programmable operational window of the BBQs (say 6 am to 9 pm)
  • Detecting when a BBQ uses less power than normal indicating that one of the elements is faulty.
  • Detecting the usage pattern of a BBQ so that decisions can be made to potentially relocate the BBQ to a higher use area.

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