Dosing Control

SmartPark Dosing Control

The time has come to be more frugal with water use and dosing of wetting agents can be just the solution. 

SmartPark Dosing Control provides fully flexible injection of wetting agents and fertiliser.

Not just as part of the full irrigation period but with adjustable pre-wetting periods and watering in periods after the dosing.


The speed control of the dosing pump allows for large fluctuations in the dosing rate while being able to calculate the amount of wetting agent or fertiliser used.

Low level indication on the injection liquid even provides alarm text messages and low level interlocks.

Now also available as Smart Cube which is a complete system with 100 litres of dosing liquid within the same cubicle,  all the functions of Smart Irrigation Controller and all the functions of SmartPark Dosing Control


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