Irrigation Control

SmartPark Irrigation Control

Designed to be the most user friendly controller on the market, this equipment does away with the common 2 line display and provides a full colour touchscreen to the operator.

From here easy access is provided to all the functions you may need in a park. From the selection of two different water supplies (e.g. fresh water and RE water) to the speed control of pumps, BBQ control and path lighting it is all part of the standard.

Whether you use multi-wire control or two-wire control, SmartPark Irrigation Control allows you to control up to 100 stations, freely selectable in up to 100 groups.

Add in the display of tank levels, bore levels and a multitude of sensors, all designed to provide you with a complete picture of your irrigation system.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has found its way into the controller as well with every function available on PC’s, tablets and smart phones via 3G and4G communication and Wifi access.

This also means that you will always stay abreast of the condition of your system through the provision of text messages and email.

And best of all, Smart Controllers use open protocol communication (Modbus) so that you can connect a multitude of other devices and software.

Data logging functions provides you with graphical displays of historical data such as tank levels, pressure and flow. The flow and pressure readings are even recorded against every individual station.

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