Multi Park Control

The Waterman standpipe controller has been designed to prevent water theft by individuals and/or organisations as a result of not entering the water consumption correctly or not at all. The controller can be used on the Water Utility distribution network or using water tanks.

The design is based on a standard swipe card design similar to that used in accessing buildings.

Each control system consists of four components:

  • A stainless steel enclosure with an indicator light and two push buttons
  • A solar panel with regulator and battery
  • A water meter with pulse output
  • An electric solenoid or motorised valve

    The water meter and solenoid are installed in a lockable valve box in the standpipe supply line after the existing water meter with the controller and solar panel are installed higher up on a standpipe support structure.

    Swipe cards are to be issued by the council to individuals and organisations who wish to use the standpipes within the council boundaries.

    Swipe cards will carry the council's logo and are available in lots of 100 from Waterman Irrigation.

    Operation is as follows:

    The user swipes his card across the indicator light that doubles as a swipe card access point
    The indicator light flashes slowly indicating acceptance of the swipe card
    The user presses the start button and the solenoid or valve opens. The indicator light now flashes rapidly indicating that a recording is in progress.
    At this time the card user has been logged as well as the start time of the operation
    During filling the water meter sends pulses to the controller.
    On completion of the fill the user presses the stop button which stops the flow. The light goes off.
    The total water consumption has now been logged as has the finish time.
    Gathering of data
    The usage data will be stored in the controller for extraction by council personnel. This can either be done by a simple laptop computer connection or by internet access(optional).
    Approximately 3 months worth of data can be stored in the controller. The data stored is in the form of a CSV file that can be read by standard spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.
    The linking of card numbers to users is done using the processor access software. Users can be deactivated by a simple tick against their name on the user list and re-activated once the bill is paid.


Controller housing: IP Rating: Operational voltage Battery:

Processor Water meter Solenoid valve Indicator light

Stainless Steel
IP 65
12 VDC
38 AH sealed lead-acid
Linux based industrial processor Standard display with pulse output 50 mm with latching coil