Pump Control

The majority of commercial irrigation control system rely on the use of a pump to provide the necessary pressure to the sprinklers which means that a control panel and/or switchboard is required to provide the switchgear and power distribution.

The bigger the system (i.e. more pumps and more stations), the bigger the electrical component will be required.

Waterman Irrigation has been building control panels and switchboards for many years which allow full integration of the control system with the required power electrics.

Specially designed Smart Control switchboards even allow the inclusion of electricity meters from the local power supply authority while the physical separation of low voltage and extra low voltage provide parks and garden staff with safe access to the irrigation controller.

Fully integrated Variable Speed Drive (VSD) control inside each Smart Irrigation Controller reduces the cost associated with the purchase of pump start equipment. Even the use of multiple pumps can be achieved without the need for additional software or hardware.

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