Water Quality Testing

Water Quality Testing

Water Quality Testing facility in the Smart Irrigation Controller provides full automatic sampling for the measurement of Chlorine content in the water.

When using recycled effluent (RE) as a water source for irrigation purposes, it is important to ensure that the water falls within health department guidelines.


Within the Water Quality Testing device, measurement is also taken of the alkalinity or acidity of the water through testing of the pH level. The temperature of the water is also recorded at this stage.

Water Quality Testing is an add-on function of Smart Irrigation Controller. All data is stored in the Smart Irrigation Controller and can be provided in excel format to provide comparative historical information.


Interlocks can be provided to prevent irrigation when the chlorine level falls below an acceptable limit and/or send an alarm message.

Where an alternative water source is available, the low chlorine alarm can switch over automatically to the second water source using the Smart Irrigation Controller.

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