Water Storage Tanks

SmartPark Water Storage Tanks

Irrigation water isn’t always available in the correct pressure or quantity. In these instances tanks are installed to provide sufficient water for an irrigation cycle.

There are also locations where recycled effluent (RE) water is used which require local tanks to be installed.

In all these instances correct control of tank levels to ensure that there is:

  • Enough water in the tank to complete the cycle
  • Tank filling starts in time to meet the required level
  • Interlock low levels with the irrigation pumps to prevent pumps running dry
  • Provide RE water suppliers with details of the tank levels so that they can match that with their supplies

Standard communication protocols allow Water Treatment plant SCADA systems to link in with the various tank levels and as such provide an integrated system between supplier and end user.

Smartpark Water Tank Control is ad add-on function of Smart Irrigation Controller. Where an alternative water source is available, the alarms can switch over automatically to the second water source using the Smart Irrigation Controller.


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